Mendenhall Flats

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With the inherent complexity that comes with breaking ground, providing mixed residential and commercial space, and permitting within the Bozeman city limits, the Mendenhall Flats development needed intense organization and attention to detail. When there is so much at stake with investment of time and capital, there is no room for mistakes. SO-RED set out to maintain an efficient timeline, a healthy budget, and regulatory compliance to avoid setbacks and bring this development to market.

SO-RED ensured that the Mendenhall Flats development project remained on track while maintaining valuable features like access to Bozeman Creek, a comfortable living environment for condo owners, and flexibility for storefront tenants. With so many different factors, it was vital for the development to receive seasoned experience to ensure the success of the project. Today, Mendenhall Flats represents Bozeman’s premier location for living, working, and shopping.

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By leveraging our market knowledge, negotiation skills, and connections within the industry, SO-RED’s expertise is a valuable asset to any land development project, increasing its chances of success, maximizing its profitability, and enhancing its environment.

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