Glen Lake


With a valuable location including access to Map Brewing, Glen Lake, Bozeman Beach, and views of the Bridger Mountains, the Glen Lake development combined the right features for a promising project. At the beginning of the development, we knew it would be important to capitalize on the location’s features. We needed to ensure that all the project details came together to build on the existing elements of the area. The development needed to add value to the neighborhood since the neighborhood presented so much value to the homeowners. The result would be a mutually beneficial space.

The completed Glen Lake development features homes that enhance the area around it. The tasteful homes not only add to the pleasant environment, but also provide homes in an area that was limited by the residential space available. In addition, SO-RED planned the homes to cater to those interested in the nearby activities. Whether biking, hiking, or enjoying the parks nearby, we made sure that the homes accommodated this active lifestyle. With quick access to Bridger Bowl Ski Area, you can even be on the slopes in less than an hour. If you are seeking a home that will give you access to Montana’s favorite activities, then Glen Lake provides everything you need.

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By leveraging our market knowledge, negotiation skills, and connections within the industry, SO-RED’s expertise is a valuable asset to any land development project, increasing its chances of success, maximizing its profitability, and enhancing its environment.

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